Rise Against Hunger Meal Destination Video

Rise Against Hunger Meal Destination Video


Script Development, Film, Video Production, Video Editing

Discover the Problem

Create a video that highlights the client’s Meal Packing events by showing the process from start to finish.

Define a Successful Outcome

To develop a video that would show footage from a Rise Against Hunger Meal Packing Event. We will do this by combining the footage from the event with already-shot footage of the packed meals being delivered and consumed in other countries. This will allow us to create a video that shows the complete process from start to finish.

Create Options

Leading up to the day of the Meal Packing event, our team discussed with the client the best ways to portray how each meal gets from the event to the hands of the children receiving it. We reviewed the current footage that they provided and made a storyboard and a shot-list for us to have at the upcoming local meal packing event. During the storyboarding process, we presented the idea to have one-on-one interviews with key people involved in the organization. We made a list of interview questions for the client to review and added those to the shot list. We gathered our team and the best equipment for the job and shot over 10 hours of footage for our client to use for this video and others.

Activate Results

Rise Against Hunger is an organization with a goal to end world hunger by a certain year. They set up events for community members to serve by packing meals that will later be sent to schools in other countries. Rise Against Hunger came to us to help them make a video to show at the beginning of their meal-packing events to describe the process. After developing the script and a shot list, we gathered our team to film at both the warehouse and during the full meal packing event. We then combined it with footage that the client provided of meals being prepared in other countries. After editing and adding voice-overs, we were able to create a 2:20 minute video for the client.