Louisiana Hot Sauce Video Series

Louisiana Hot Sauce Video Series

Services provided:

Services Provided:

Video Production, Video Editing, Storyboarding, Copywriting

Discover the Problem:

Our client came to us with a need to creatively tell the story of one of their products, Louisiana Hot Sauce.

Define a Successful Outcome:

Often, companies desire a creative way to tell the story of how their company came to be. Our client, Southeastern Mills, came to us wanting to do this for one of their products. We were to make a video series that creatively tells the story of the Louisiana Hot Sauce brand by filming at their headquarters.

Create Options

Southeastern Mills is the company that owns the hot sauce brand, Louisiana Hot Sauce. The Southeastern Mills team traveled to New Iberia, Louisiana for a behind-the-scenes tour of the facility and production routine. Our team gathered our cameras and accompanied them to shoot footage to use for three different videos that together tell the story of Louisiana Hot Sauce. After creating a storyboard and a shot list for each of the videos, we filmed at their facilities and conducted one-on-one interviews with key team members. Upon returning home, we wrote a script for each video and hired voice-over talent to narrate them. We saved any unused footage and photos for later content needs.

Activate Results

After capturing video footage and photography that showcased the hot sauce making process, the facility, the staff, and the company’s personality, we put together three videos that walked through the company’s history, the company’s culture, and the product manufacturing process. Each video is between two and five minutes long and is being used both internally and externally by the client.